Let Spring Semester Begin!

By: Tai Cole

As the school year reaches its midway point, many students are becoming anxious. Whether it is for graduation, the school year to end, or the summer to begin; but we are only halfway through! It is crucial to keep track and an even sharper mind in order to finish the race strong, otherwise all of the hard work put in at the beginning of the year will be in vain. Coming back from a month-long vacation can throw anybody off track academically, which is why a premeditated plan must be implemented in order to ensure recovery and success. Mentally simulating success, as well as the necessary steps to reach that goal, often has radical changes in a person’s life. What you listen to dictates what you believe, and what you believe dictates what you become. With that being said, here is a list of 8 things that can be used to further aid you on your journey to the top:

  1. Look at your classes in your schedule. Make sure you are managing your time well. Are there any last minute changes you can make to create more space?
  2. Create a planner. Having a place to write down all of your homework assignments, projects, or any other notes that can easily be forgotten makes your day-to-day operations run much smoother.
  3. Realize business comes before pleasure. Attend every class possible! What do you desire more? A 4.0 GPA or 4 more hours of sleep?
  4. Join a club. Not only will engaging in extracurricular activities help you manage your time better, it also just looks great on a resume!
  5. Start Strong. It’s understandable that mistakes are made, but doing as much homework now will make it easier when the semi-annual “scramble for extra credit” race begins.
  6. Elevate your lifestyle. Eat healthier foods, exercise more often, and read more because it is not just a new semester or year, but it’s also a new chance to excel as well.
  7. Do something different. If you realize you are not satisfied with your performance, then you have to first change your mind set in order to change how you behave and ultimately how you perform.
  8. Take deep breaths when the semester starts to become intimidating and remember your only obstacle is you!