The Interview: Release Sparks Many Controversies Around The World

By: Jessica Buettner

UntitledRecently, many people have been anxious about the release of the movie, “The Interview” starring the dynamic duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco. There have been many issues that were being brought up about how the film created a lot of tension between North Korea and the United States. It seemed that the people who made this movie weren’t really thinking about the consequences of their actions if they released this movie, but they made it possible. This movie has successfully been released in selected cinemas throughout the world and is even available on the Internet.

The plot of the movie is based upon two guys named Dave and Aaron, who run a popular talk show on television. They discover that North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is a big fan of their show and Aaron figures out a way for Dave to land an interview with him. Once they get into North Korea, they are encounter a CIA agent who tells them that they are now assigned to kill Kim Jong-un, in which they agree to do so. Both of them endeavor a crazy adventure as they try to make the plan work and to have the interview done at the same time.

Ever since this project has been announced, many people have had various issues with releasing the film, specifically the people in North Korea. According to BBC news, many of the leaders from North Korea commented that the film shows the U.S. assassinating the leader of a foreign country, which is mirroring what the U.S. has done in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan. Some other leaders in that country thought the film being released was acting as a sign of terrorism and an act of war possibly taking place.

There have also been reports of a group of hackers going into the Sony Pictures system to send out different messages about threats. ABC news reported that some of those threats include issuing a warning to moviegoers across the country that chose to view the movie at various cinemas. Because of these threats, major movie theatres have chosen to either delay or cancel the release of “The Interview” because they didn’t want to relive the events of the 2012 movie theatre shooting.

BBC news also reported that a few days after the cancellations were announced, Sony tried to figure out a way to release the film in a more effective and formative way. On December 23rd, Sony announced a limited release of the film in independent movie theatres as they were trying to continue to spread it out to as many movie theatres as they can to grow the audience of the movie. It has also been released to digital download sites such as Google, YouTube, Xbox One, and iTunes. Reporters from ABC news mentioned that eventually, the film has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times within two days after the official release of the film, which occurred on Christmas Day. It has also received more than $1 million on opening day and it has been released in 331 movie theatres across the United States.

Now, you can say that America isn’t afraid of anything since Sony Pictures has been able to find a way to release the film for people across the U.S. to enjoy. No matter how many threats they have received from people of North Korea, the movie company has found a way to get past those threats. The film is a sign that America is able to get past any challenge that they come across and is able to celebrate the freedom of the nation with the rest of the world.