The Faces of Terrorism

By: Zeba Haseeb
Perspectives Editor

It was a devastating day in Paris, France on Wednesday January 7 of this New Year. Two men had entered the news magazine building of Charlie Hebdo and shot at the work place killing ten people and leaving eleven others wounded. The infamous killing spree was allegedly a terrorist attack as the masked men wearing all black shouted “Allahu Akbar!” meaning “in the name of Allah” as they ran into the building according to BBC News reporting. Yet here is one more travesty in history that gives more of a reason to question the Muslims in this world.

According to ABC News, the whole reason behind this unnecessary tragedy was because the Charlie Hebo news magazine had published an art piece that mocked the Prophet Muhammad of Islam. This magazine has had its fair share of run-ins with controversial issues regarding religion and politics before, which is mainly what they publish. The people of Islam follow the teachings of Muhammad just as the people of Christianity follow Jesus. When these extremists saw their messenger being used for satire, they felt threatened which gave them a reason for their violent acts on humanity.

There is no valid reason in the world that justifies killing of innocent people whether it may be in the name of God for some people. No God of any religion gives a reason to kill those who have done nothing to deserve their lives being taken away. These writers and editors were doing their job and killing them for that reason is absurd beyond reason. Ever since the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, the religion of Islam and its people have been under a microscope for their actions. But what people fail to realize is that the people being mentioned on the news and across the world are those who are the extremists of the religion; those who use violence instead of words to “solve” their problems. Every religion has their individual extremists who use religion for an excuse to abolish those they hate. For example, a popular extremist group in history was the Ku Klux Klan in which they used to word of the Bible to get rid of any non-whites.

Just as this extremist is group of Christianity performed horrifying actions, so have the extremists of Islam. This does not mean that those people should be any reflection on the billion peaceful Muslims around the world who dislike these people just as much as everyone else does. Attacking all Muslims does nothing, but creates more hate towards one another. A religion should not in any way be a way to define an individual. These maniacs who say they are following and protecting the word of God have no idea what their religion preaches which they “so-call” worship.

The religion of Islam teaches peace and prosperity towards one another. This religion teaches tolerance between different religions and ideas as well as not acting upon and evil actions of others. Prayers go out to those who were killed and wounded through this tragic event.