Tatanisha Wooley

UntitledNow that it’s 2015, time to recap last year. What stories made the headlines and what was trending on Twitter. In case you were hibernating all year long, had no access to Internet or you cannot function properly unless you put 2014 behind you, I will provide all the major moments.

Award for Celebrity Name Mispronunciation goes to John Travolta: I wanted to start off with this because it was one of the funniest moments that happened all year. Who could ever forget when he said Idina Menzel’s name as “Adele Dazeem” at the Oscars. Seriously, if I was Idina I would have not went on stage because I would have been like, that is not my name.

Best Celeb-Filled Selfie goes to Ellen DeGeneres: The Oscars has another major moment. Ellen took a selfie that had many celebrities featured in it. The selfie also takes home the award for most retweeted tweet of all time. Only Ellen could get so many A-listers in one photo.

Bye Bye Birdie: Popular and very addicting game Flappy Bird was removed from the Apple Store.
Pharrell New Hat: The singer made fashion headlines during the Grammys for wearing a vintage Vivienne Westwood hat.

Consciously Uncoupled: This was the term Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin use to describe their breakup. Who thinks of this stuff? Just say you broke up, and don’t make people think harder than they should.
Courtney Love Lost her Marbles: Courtney “thought” she had found the missing Malaysian plane. To prove how right (wrong) she was she drew it on a piece of paper.

Way to Ruin People’s Childhoods: J.K. Rowling shock the world at some of her Harry Potter revelations. She reveal how beloved Headmaster Dumbledore was actually gay this was a good revelation. What truly shock the world was when she said, she regrets having Hermione and Ron end up together she wished she had ended the series with Harry and Hermione. Thank, J.K. as if it’s not bad enough you wanted to killed Ronald you wanted to end his relationship with Hermione!

Lifetime and Biopics do not go hand and hand: Two of the biggest Lifetime movie flops was the Aaliyah and Saved by the Bell movies. Both movies caused tons of controversy and the acting choices was awkward. A lot of people should have been fired from their jobs for letting those movies air.

Why Don’t Disney Movies have Moms: Finally the most unanswered question in the world has been answered! Producer Don Hahn revealed the answer while promoting Maleficent. The answer is truly sad and heartbreaking so brace yourselves. Walt Disney had brought his parents a house and there was a leaky furnace that resulted in his mom’s death. Disney felt so guilty that he could no longer have mothers in his movies because it made him sad.

Year of Memes: Each year there a memes that dominate the Internet last year was no exception. Leonardo DiCaprio is a popular celebrity to create memes out of. This time it was a meme of him running on the beach shirtless holding a squirt gun. Pharrell’s Grammy hat not only dominated fashion but it made an awesome meme. Sexy Mugshot Guy was on everyone’s mind therefore it had to be a meme. Kim Kardashian may not have broken the Internet, but her photo-shoot for Paper Magazine inspired many amusing memes. “But that’s none of my business,” was meme featuring Kermit the Frog drinking Tea speaking the truth on many topics. The best meme was Alex from Target. A photo of Alex hit the Internet and soon every girl wanted the cute cashier to be her boyfriend.
Starter Packs: These kits are a variety of photos usually sarcastically describing someone’s life.
Worst Season Finale Goes to HIMYM: *Spoiler Alert How dare they make us sit through all those seasons to find out who the mother is only to have her die and for Ted to end up with Robin?

Brotherly and Sister love: Solonge and Jay-Z were caught in an elevator fighting. Well, Solonge was doing the fighting Jay was doing nothing to defend himself against her vicious assault.
Hermione is Smart is Real Life: Emma Watson gave a beautiful speech about gender equality and feminism at the U.N. The #Heforshe campaign soon became a trending topic on Twitter, and a worldwide phenomenon.
2014 was a great year and it’s sad to see it go but 2015 will be just as great for one thing we have already have lower gas prices.