Men’s Basketball Defeats Wesley in Puerto Rico Tournament

By: Elana Garay

Over the winter break, Benedictine’s men basketball played in the tournament in Puerto Rico against Wesley. The Eagles outscored their opponent by a lot in the first round. Benedictine stayed in the lead gaining them a final score of 96-75.

“It was one of our most complete games of the year. We executed well on both sides of the floor. Wesley was a NCAA Tournament team last year and has a great tradition. Taking your team to a place such as Puerto Rico, you worry about their focus and try and emphasize we are here to win games. I was very proud of how our team handled the trip. We were able to focus when we needed to and still have a great experience,” said head coach Keith Bunkenburg.

During the first round, sophomore Michael Blaszczyk scored the first points that started the lead in the game. Benedictine stayed in the lead throughout the first round without letting their opponent, Wesley, score anymore points after scoring 17 points. Sophomore Tahron Harvey scored many points, which helped Benedictine stay in the lead. By the end of the first round, the score became 49-17.

In the next round, Wesley attempted to catch up to Benedictine. The opposing team made the first point, but Benedictine scored five times in a row, increasing their lead. Senior Tim McGinty and sophomores Adam Reynolds and Harvey made those helpful points. Wesley continued to score some points to gain up to Benedictine, but could not get any closer to outscoring them. Brayden Olson made the final point of the game. This became a great win for Benedictine.

“It was a great experience. We played a couple of pretty good teams and we were able to spend a lot of time together that made us bond as a team. It is easily the best trip I’ve ever taken!” said junior Niji Lomax.