Healthy Resolutions and Goals in 2015

By: Sports and Health Editor Claire Kositzky

UntitledWith a new year upon us, many are seeking to create new lifestyle patterns. By the third week of January, most of us find ourselves settling back to old habits. It is hard to keep up those new years resolutions. Some people even decided that they like themselves just the way they are and will just create new goals that they hope to reach throughout the year, but how is that different from a resolution?
It is hard to keep up a resolution or to “reach set goals.” As Americans, we have a hard time with self-control; however, it is 2015 and there are lots of ways to get ourselves to keep our resolutions or “reach the set goals” that we promised ourselves to reach.

For those who are hoping to lose weight or “feel healthy” again this year, one of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2014 was the Fitbit. This bracelet tracks a person’s sleep, diet and exercise. It will even wake you up in the morning! For those looking to lose weight or “feel healthy” in 2015, this may be an option for you to help keep your resolution. If the Fitbit is out of your price range, find a friend who has the same goal or resolution as you and make going to the gym together a routine. If you have a gym buddy, you are morally obligated to go more often to the gym and will feel bad bailing on your friend. You can also look for fun fitness classes to take if running on the elliptical or treadmill is not as appealing.

If you are already naturally slender, maybe you are looking to become more organized. Most of society owns a smartphone now and you can manually add updates or alarms to remind yourself of what you need to accomplish for the day, week, month, etc. If you are not technology savvy, go out and buy yourself an old fashioned planner from Office Max. As soon as something comes up, mark it in your planner or add it to your smartphone. Not only will you be more organized, but also your mind will thank you!

Some of us may promise to develop a healthier sleeping pattern. When you feel tired, shut all technology off and keep it in a separate room. If you have separation anxiety with your cell phone or use it as an alarm clock, flip your phone upside down and turn over to the opposite side of your bed.

All of these suggestions sound nice to keep up your resolution or help reach your set goals but if you really want to see a change in your life, you have to be willing to make the change. Good luck to everyone who has decided to make a resolution or reach new goals!