Fashion Falls In Along With The Snow This Winter

By: Jessica Buettner

With the cold temperatures and the large amounts of snow finally starting to come in this winter season, it’s time for everyone to start adjusting to the weather. They can do this by either staying indoors all day by a fireplace or by actually embracing the cold. Most people are able to handle the cold temperatures by wearing Untitledfashion items that’ll keep them warm while being outside. By knowing what proper articles of clothing to wear during this time of year, then you will be able to stay warm during the times where the temperature drastically drops and when it rises to the 20s, 30s, or 40s.

The first image here shows a basic yet stylistic outfit that a person would wear on a day where the temperature would be cold. The person is wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a sweater that is still able to show off the design that is on the shirt. For the bottoms, she appears to be wearing black leggings or skinny jeans. For her shoes, she is wearing knee high socks so they can provide her some extra warmth along with boots that are waterproof and warm. She chooses to accessorize her outfit by choosing some things that are essential to staying warm as well as basics. She wears a hat and a pair of gloves as well as carrying a purse around that consists of her essentials. Another item that is optional to have during the winter is a hot beverage such as hot chocolate or coffee. I see most Benedictine students will choose to wear this fashion style as they are going through their day wiUntitledth attending classes and all of their business. It’s fashionable, it’s functional, it’s fun, and it’s a very nice outfit to put together if a person is having one of those very productive days in which they need to go to a ton of places on campus.

The second image shows the typical outfit that a man would wear on the typical wintery days. He is seen wearing a stylish long sleeved shirt along with a nice jacket to make sure that he has some more warmth on his upper body. As for the bottom part of his body, he is wearing some jeans along with some long socks and boots to keep his feet warm whilst walking through the cold snow. He also has on him the simple yet useful gloves for some more warmth on his hands.

As you can see from these two examples, most outfits for winter can easily be created by anyone as long as they have the basic essentials. Those basic essentials include a long-sleeved shirt, a jacket, some long pants, a pair of extra warm socks as well as a pair of warm and waterproof boots. The winter can be a hard season to get through; but as long as you have the proper articles of clothing, then it’ll treat you better than you may think.