Better Call Saul Preview

by Nick Loconsole
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Following the end of Breaking Bad it looked like a metaphorical nuclear bomb had been set off in my life. After the fallout I emerged from my shelter to a world all too similar to the one I had known, yet somehow different. Shortly following the end of the show AMC announced they had greenlit a spin off show based around corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. The two night premiere event for Better Call Saul is set for February 8 and 9.

The show itself will take place in 2002, several years before the events of Breaking Bad, although series creator Vince Gilligan has stated that the show’s timeline will encompass events before, during, and after Breaking Bad. Bob Odenkirk will reprise his role as Saul Goodman, although in the new show he will be referred to by his real name Jimmy McGill. Fans of Breaking Bad will recall that Saul Goodman was merely a fake name used to appeal to potential clients.

Odenkirk is a comedy legend for those of you who haven’t been paying attention. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live, Mr. Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, among other shows. He is the man who wrote the famous Matt Foley sketch for Chris Farley on SNL. Better Call Saul will maintain the same atmosphere of its predecessor in the sense that the creators of the show are the same, the show is filmed in the same place, and strands of Breaking Bad’s DNA are forever engrained with the viewers.
Also returning to the screen is Jonathan Banks as Mike Erhmantraut. Mike was my favorite character on Breaking Bad so I was thrilled when I learned he would have a role on the new show. Mike already showed up in one of the teaser videos released. Hopefully Johnathan Banks can continue to bring his great dead pan delivery and dark humor to Better Call Saul.

AMC has already renewed the show for a second season despite the first not even airing yet. Everyone has their hopes up for this show and it will no doubt have a massive effect on AMC’s future when it comes to original programming. With Mad Men ending and The Walking Dead already several seasons in, AMC needs a new original show to carry on the legacy they have established. Everyone hopes that Better Call Saul will be that next show.