Women’s Basketball Conquers Edgewood

By: Elana Garay

Last Saturday, Benedictine University won against Edgewood College with the score of 75-63.
“Our win against Edgewood was definitely a team effort. We have not beat them since I have been here so it was a much needed win. We came into the game with a well thought out game plan from our coach. We knew what to expect and we all had a positive mind set ready to win our first conference game,” said senior Kirsten Pope.
During the first half of the game, it was back and forth between both teams. At one point, junior Nicole Botich evened the scored with a layup. Benedictine and Edgewood had many ties. Freshman Jasma Williams knocked a jumper that opened a run for from senior Meghan Novak. In the end of the first half, Benedictine gained the lead with 34-33. Novak made a three point shot to end the first half. Junior Briana Hamilton also contributed many baskets, putting Benedictine up by five points.
During the second half of the game, Benedictine continued to be in the lead. Botich scored the first basket in the second half. Senior Vincenza Ranallo contributed 6 points, putting the Eagles ahead nine points on the scoreboard. Edgewood tried to catch up with Benedictine but in the end, the Eagles defeated Edgewood. This was a great first win for the Eagles in their NACC conference opener.
“We went 0-3 last year against Edgewood and they also ended our season. We never played to our potential last year against them so I think that is the biggest thing we wanted to prove this year. We were the better team last year and still are the better team,” stated Ranallo.
Botich led the team with eighteen points and eight rebounds. Ranallo had sixteen points. Novak contributed thirteen points and nine assists. Hamilton added ten points as well.
“This is the first time all five players on the floor played as a collective unit and we proved how good we can be when that happens,” stated senior Michelle Batty.
Woman’s basketball will be away this Wednesday as they face their rival Aurora at 7 p.m. on the road at Aurora.