Fight Song Coming to Benedictine

by Karly Sacco

Benedictine University is going to have another reason to cheer on theathletic teams at sporting events. BenU is anticipated to release their first fight song in the second semester.

The lyrics to the song were written by Rev. David Turner and read:

With our spirits high and our voices raised we bring our strength against the Foe, With our eagle pride, standing side by side as forward on we go, As our team goes on to victory our support is firm and true we praise your name as we shout your fame Benedictine we’re with you!

“When I wrote the Alma mater years back, I wrote the Benedictine fight song as well for athletic events and I when I gave it to the music department it all of a sudden disappeared,” said Rev. David Turner.

According to an assistant professor in the Music department at Benedictine University, Allen Legutki, the fight song is in the works as some music students are currently rehearsing for the release of the song next semester.

The Benedictine University community has had the fight song under their roof for years and most had no idea.

“For all these years the fight song has been written, ” said Turner.

Multiple people for the reveal have put Benedictine’s future fight song together.

“I wrote the words and a friend of mine wrote the music, and it was done on the back side of a parish bulletin, he was a minister, and so he wrote it and I gave it to the music department with the hope that they would write the band elements to it get can be preformed by the pep band,” said Turner.

The process of getting the fight song put together was not easy.

“I kept asking the music department about the fight song asking what happened to it over and over,” said Turner.

The fight song was rediscovered with help from Rev. David Turner’s fellow Benedictine faculty.

“Two months ago or so the fight song was found with the help of former member of the music department [now Assistant to the President for Mission Integration], Alicia Tait, because I didn’t have a copy of it when I gave it to the music department,” said Turner.

Now that the fight song is almost ready to be released, Benedictine will be able to cheer on their sports teams with the chant.

“Where it stands now is that the fight song is in the works, but the band will probably not play it live until next semester at a Benedictine basketball game, or in other words we will expect to hear the song second semester,” said Turner.