Benedictine Comes Together For Thanksgiving

By Jasy Jones


Benedictine University hosted their annual Thanksgiving Dinner in the upstairs of the Krasa building on Thursday, November 20.
The dinner is an event that brings family and friends together from all over the Benedictine community.
The line started all the way outside the dining hall doors, pooling in front of the elevators outside the doors. Pre-swipes were available to the students during the week leading up to the dinner and they could skip the line. When they passed through, the students could grab a plate and step into a line to put a plate together.
The company of loved ones is just one of the many reasons the Benedictine University comes together for the Thanksgiving Dinner. Another reason people come together is for the food.
There was a choice of the classics such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, cucumber salad, corn, pasta, or sweet potatoes. After piling plates full of food, the guests could go to the next table where they could decide if they wanted turkey, chicken, or ham.
At the ends of the table was where the desserts were placed. There was cherry crumble, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, French silk pie, and apple pie. There were many options to choose from, no matter the diet.
“I’m a vegetarian and I loved the food! My favorite was definitely the mashed potatoes,” said Morgan Spiegel, a Benedictine soccer player.
Krasa’s Thanksgiving Dinner is an event that family members can come on campus and enjoy a delicious meal with the students.
The tables were set to fit the Thanksgiving feel with cream-colored table clothes.
The lighting was low, giving it an easy and welcoming feel.
“My family went last year and they loved it. They couldn’t wait to come back for the dinner this year. They were big fans of the stuffing. There were a lot of selections and they had little candles on the table. It was really nice,” said Benedictine student, Jessica Farina.
There were men in button ups and women in dresses laughing and eating together.
There were Student Senators walking around and picking up empty plates, allowing the students to enjoy their conversations with friends and family.
“My teammates and I made it into a time to get together and enjoy each other’s company. We all were so excited for this and looking forward to the pumpkin pie! We were not let down. I can’t wait for the Christmas Breakfast,” said cross-country runner, Rachel Scianna.