An Emotional Verdict

By: Hashim Arain

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

A verdict was handed down in the case of slain teenager, Michael Brown. This case has gotten a lot of attention because of the details of it. There were a flurry of protests across the country after the verdict was announced, that still continue today. The police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown, was not indicted for the shooting, which created a lot of backlash not only around Ferguson, Missouri, but also around parts of the country as well. According to the New York Times, hours after the verdict was announced, there were instant protests in Ferguson, which included chaotic scenes of gunshots being fired and local businesses being looted.

Ever since Mike Brown was shot on August 9th his death has garnered a lot of reaction and frustration on why a police officer would act in a manner as Wilson did towards Brown. CNN reports that Wilson told the grand jury who heard the case that he and Brown were in a couple of altercations before the shooting, CNN also states that Wilson feared for his life after he claimed that Brown was charging at him and then Wilson shot him dead.

Some reports claim that Wilson did some things to provoke Brown into acting the way that he did. I think that the main reason people are upset over the decision by the grand jury is that Mike Brown was an unarmed teen, and that his case was treated unfairly by the US justice system. According to the Northwest Herald, there were about 200 protesters in downtown Chicago, and there were reports that claimed that on the night the verdict was revealed, Lake Shore had to be shut down because of the high amount of protesters that night.

The reaction over the decision not to indict Wilson is understandable, but there are those that are taking advantage of the protests by doing some extreme things like rioting in the streets, and looting the stores of local Ferguson businesses. I also believe that the media is partly to blame with the way the events have turned out in the last couple days. The major news networks were hyping up the idea of an intense reaction to the decision prior to it happening.

Whether the shooting of Michael Brown had anything to do with race relations in America or not, it’s still no excuse to use the protests as a way to steal things and burn down buildings. I should add that there have been a majority of those in Ferguson and across the country that have been protesting in the streets peacefully, and most of them have sent a powerful message. According to the New York Times, the protests consist of mainly students and civil rights leaders.

During the aftermath of the verdict according to the Associated Press, the attorney for the Brown family Benjamin Crump proposed a law that would require police officers to wear body cameras, to ensure transparency to what exactly happened in a case. I would definitely support this law and what it can set out to do. This law can be the first step into making the justice system fair and equal regardless of race, especially young black males like Michael Brown who have been treated unfairly by the system.