Ways to Save Money

Tatanisha Wooley

College students are always looking for ways to save a buck, whether it’s looking on Groupon or attending free events. Many don’t know that they can save money on their own and they don’t have to wait for the free events.

➢Save loose change. Change can add up over time and many people get rid of their change because it’s annoying to carry around. Save your change and save it up for a couple of months, you would be surprise at how much you have.

➢Keep a running diary of how much you spend in a month. The number will surprise you; next time you want to go out you will think twice about it.

➢Think about expensive buying items on impulse. Wait at least 24 hours and if you still want to buy the item, then buy it. Waiting will make you regret less about the spending.

➢Save receipts. When you see the stack of receipts you will be inclined to spend less.

➢Take advantages of the discounts and benefits your job has to offer. You job offers free coffee per shift take it and don’t spend money on coffee somewhere.

➢At the start of the month have a set amount of money to spend. Stick to the number and this will help prevent overspending.

➢Go to your favorite places when they are having discount days. Seven Bridges Movie Theater has 5-dollar movies all day on Tuesdays. You will save money attending the discount days and still get to see your favorite movies.

➢Buy items in bulk online. Best Buy is great at this. I bought my laptop and it came with a laptop sleeve, computer mouse, flashdrive, Microsoft Office for one year, and Internet Security for six months all for 478 dollars. Try getting all of that at the actual store, you can’t. Companies will have free shipping if you reach a set amount.

➢Substitute coffee for the expensive latte drinks. You will end up saving money in the long run. You can drink the lattes but try and reduce the number of times you buy them.

➢Limit the number of times you go out to eat each month. If you eat out nine times during the next month eat out eight times and slowly reduce your number every month.

➢When grocery shopping have a set list. Having a list will prevent you from buying on impulse or unnecessary items. I am guilty of this I always go shopping without and list and then I buy things I should not have brought.

➢Ask your doctor to prescribe you generic drugs. These cost less than the name-brand over the counter medications.

➢Look in ads for the cheapest place to grocery shop. Although, Jewel may have the freshest foods it is not friendly on a college student’s budget.

➢Use the ATM of your bank no matter how inconvenient it may be. This will save you on those annoying withdrawal fees your bank and the other bank will charge you.