The Dark Side of a TV Icon

By: Hashim Arain
Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By now you have probably heard the controversial rape allegations that surround TV star Bill Cosby; the controversy has been escalating over the past week or so. Multiple women have stepped forward and claimed Cosby had raped them. According to Time Magazine, Cosby has denied the alleged claims by these women and has kept quiet on the subject. Time Magazine also reports, which these allegations surfaced in the early 2000’s of women claiming that Cosby had molested them, but Cosby has not been charged with anything then and now.

Each woman who has accused Cosby of rape has similar disturbing accounts of what he did to them. According to Newsweek Magazine, who published accounts of two women who were molested by Cosby, say that he would get them drunk on alcohol and put a drug in their drink to make them black out. Newsweek goes on to report that Cosby would molest them while they were blacked out, and wake up with a vague memory of what happened to them.

These accusations by these women are certainly shocking, and they tarnish the reputation of one of the most famous TV stars in the entertainment industry. The most alarming thing about this story is how Cosby and his team are quick to dismiss these stories by these women. As the New York Times reports that Cosby’s lawyers have said that he will have nothing to say on the subject.

These allegations have had a negative impact on Cosby’s ongoing career. Many people have been taken aback by this story, and can’t believe that the guy who played the likable and caring TV doctor did these types of things in real life. According to multiple reports, both NBC and Netflix have stopped productions on projects with Cosby; this shows how Cosby’s public image has taken a hit in a short amount of time.

I think that it’s cowardly of Cosby and his team of lawyers to just brush off of these allegations, and then say nothing more about it. Numerous women have come out and explained the horrible things that Cosby did to them, and it’s really striking how Cosby is blindly ignoring them without saying anything about these claims. The website Vulture reports that a woman who claims Cosby sexually harassed her named Barbara Bowman, wrote an article in the Washington Post and said she was a young aspiring actress at the time when she met Cosby, he was like a mentor to her, then he trapped her and drugged and molested her when they were alone.

Vulture also reports that other women who have said Cosby sexually harassed them have been in similar situations like Bowman, and some have been paid off to not say anything, or warned by Cosby himself not to mention to anyone what he did to them. It’s mind-boggling to think that a man, who was portrayed as a nice wholesome guy on TV for all these years, can have a dark manipulative side to him. It’s also sad that reports claim that when some of these women went to lawyers to explain what happened to them, but most of them were laughed out of the room because they didn’t believe for a second that Cosby did these types of things.

Cosby’s silence on these allegations is interesting, because maybe some of them are true. I commend these women for coming out and telling these difficult stories that they have kept for years. They seem to expose who the real Bill Cosby is.