Reopening to the Harry Potter World

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By Tai Cole-Jay

July 21, 2007 marked a sad day for Hogwarts fans as critically acclaimed author J.K. Rowling released her seventh and “final” novel in the Harry Potter series. Spanning almost a decade, her books have sold millions all over world, and the immense success even prompted her stories to be brought to life on the silver screen.

Fortunately for fans, although the author had “no plans” to begin an 8th installment in the original Potter series, she has released a short story accounting the life of Harry Potter in his adult years. Since earlier this year around March, Rowling has been chronicling the 2014 Quidditch World Cup Finals for Pottermore, the Harry Potter online community. Under the guise of famous reporter Rita Skeeter, she begins by broadcasting at the World Cup. Quickly noticing the arrival of the “Chosen One”, she does her best to reveal only what the eye can see. In his 30s, with “threads of silver” in his hair and still sporting the same famous black rimmed glasses, he and familiar faces arrive at the Cup Finals as people come alive in wonder and awe.

Accompanied by their children as well, it is clear that time has definitely changed all of the main characters from the novel series, years after defeating Lord Voldemort. As Weasley has strayed away from magic and the Auror Department shortly after joining it, his “thinning” ginger hair is a telltale sign that the struggle to find and eliminate all of “He Who Must Not Be Named” Horcruxes surely took a toll on him. Still married to Hermoine Granger, deputy head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, they also have two children like Potter. As fans patiently wait for another of Skeeter’s updates on Harry and his comrades at the Finals, one can only hope that Rowling will offer readers the luxury of being able to finish this story.