“Perfect” Body Image No More!

By: Zeba Haseeb

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Body image; two words that have become one of the most controversial topics in our society today. There are hidden messages all around us that brainwash us into thinking that if we don’t look a certain way then we must be “wrong.” This used to be mainly for the female gender, but now males have become just as vulnerable victims to this epidemic.

Earlier last week, Calvin Klein came out with an ad campaign advertising what seems to be a normal shaped girl as a plus size model. Here’s the issue, she’s only a size 10! First off, plus sizes typically do not begin before size 12 or 14. When looking at this ad campaign all I felt was complete disappointment; the girl I was looking at in the photo is someone that “normal” women would love to look like! I’m sorry that just because you don’t have the infamous “thigh gap” you’re considered a plus size female.

Calvin Klein wasn’t the only one to stir up trouble with advertising their sense of “perfect” body image; Victoria’s Secret campaign was just as bad if not worse. Earlier this season they came out with an ad campaign that included several beautiful Victoria’s Secret angels in their perfect lingerie with the words “The Perfect Body” written. Social media went absolutely nuts when this word spread because all you see are abnormally tall women with unusually skinny legs and waists. We cannot all look like this and it’s about time that the fashion designers that we all love to shop from understand this to. Breitbart News stated, that twitter became an absolute “war zone” and this repulsive idea would not be tolerated.

It makes me happy to see women standing up to this attempt at conformity loud and proud. After the Victoria’s Secret campaign hit the public, another campaign ad from the brand Dear Kate mocked the VS ad by posing just as them, but several different women with different ethnicities, height, and shape. That is what we should all look like, different! The beauty in a human is the different aspects we all bring to the world in my opinion.

People were so disgusted by the VS ad that three girls in Britain decided to start a petition stating that the brand should apologize to the public. According to Breitbart News, the petition has already gathered 25,000 signatures by early November and caused Victoria’s Secret to change their campaign, but the change has not been done online yet.

Power to the females! This day in age is not about conforming, but about developing. Our generation has a voice and we are continuing to be heard.