God’s Love- A Poem

By: Jessica Buettner

God’s love…where can it be found?
Is it easy or hard to find sings of God’s love?
The simplest way to put it is that God’s love is found in mostly everything that we see.
Like in nature…from the clouds we see up high in the sky to the grass we see below our own two feet.
God’s love can also be found in the people that we meet each and every day.
There are moms and dads who look out for us and take care of us each day.
There are also the friends who have fun with us in many ways.
The Lord’s love can be found in ways in which we celebrate our faith.
For example, whenever we see light shining through the stained-glass windows of a church or whenever we confess our sins to a priest at the sacrament of reconciliation, we can see that God is with us & that He really loves us.
God loves us because we are HIs children and He made us special and we are beautiful in HIs eyes.
Even though there may be sometimes where we feel all alone and we don’t really have anyone to rely on, it’s important to remember that God is an amazing person to rely on.
He can see if we need to have a good conversation with Him and He will listen to everything that we have to say.
Even though we may heel that He isn’t listening because He isn’t saying anything back at us, we can always feel that His love is shining down us as we are talking to Him.
Whenever we are in need of help and there is no one else to rely on, we can find a way to talk to God and ask Him for help.
People may ask themselves how much God’s love is worth; does it have an amount?
God’s love has no limits; it just keeps going on forever until the end of time.
No matter what we have done, no matter what kinds of things pop up in our lives, we can always go to God to see what He has to say about the lives we are living.
God loves us, for if He didn’t love us, He would not be in our presence, listening to what we have to say.
God’s love is abundant, everlasting, and something that we can truly rely on in the end.