BenU December Graduation Fair

Preparing Seniors For Life After College
By Saimah Shareef

Photo Credit: Lisa Cartoon

Photo Credit: Lisa Cartoon

With the fall semester winding down it’s just about time for a number of seniors to prepare for December graduation. In order to help them get ready, the Graduation Fair took place on November 11 from 10:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. in Krasa Student Center.

The Graduation Fair used to be coordinated out of the Student Success Center by Jon Miller. However, this fair took on new leadership and will be led by Julie Cosimo, Director of Career Development here on forward.

Cosimo discussed the different resources and tools that were offered at the fair for students. There were various vendors present, including enrollment services. Enrollment services are a Benedictine University resource that offers information to students who are looking to go to graduate school.

They can get information particular to the type of program they are looking for through information exchange and brochures. In addition to this service, Career Development is also available to help students free of charge.

“It’s really a wonderful way for students to tap into the resources that may be available as well as pick up their cap and gown and make sure they have everything they need for graduation, ” said Cosimo.

Tables were set up for students to work their way through and pick up their cap and gown, pick up commencement tickets, have their cap and gown picture taken by a Grad Images photographer and a number of other services.

A unique part of the fair was a wine and cheese reception, which was sponsored by the Alumni Office. There was more traffic at certain times of day and less at different times with the fair going on all day.

Current senior, Therese Porod, who works for Career Development as a Career Peer Educator, was at the Graduation Fair directing incoming students and conducting surveys at the career development table. She expressed why she thinks the Graduation Fair is an exciting event for those just about ready to graduate.

“I think the Grad Fair is a great way for students to get even more excited about graduation and a fun way to get their cap and gown, just showing that they are one step closer to walking across the stage and receiving their diploma,” said Porod.

Senior Samroz Jakvani also expressed his enthusiasm for graduation after picking up his cap and gown.

“I can’t believe it’s almost time for graduation. I feel like my time here at BenU went by fast and going to the Graduation Fair just makes graduation so real. At this point though I’m really excited to be graduate and getting my degree,” said Jakvani.

Cosimo also expressed that Darwin Barnes, Manager of the BenU Bookstore, also helped and collaborated with her for the whole setup of the fair. She also revealed the raffle that was being conducted by Career Development at the Grad Fair has also named a winner. Senior Martin Daniel is the winner of the diploma frame.