Who is Alex from Target?

By Jessica Buettner

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There is a classic commercial that is out on television that promotes the insurance company, State Farm. A guy talking on the phone with a State Farm agent, Jake at 3:00 A.M. and his wife thinks that he is talking to a girl. Now, it appears that there is a new guy in town that everyone is referencing to and it is spreading like wildfire on the internet. It is a teenage boy named Alex who works at Target and he seems to be the new “Jake from State Farm” of the Internet.

On Sunday, November 3, Twitter user @auscalem posted a picture of a guy named Alex who is doing his job at the Target he was working for. A little bit later, she explained to her users that she didn’t take the picture and that she just posted it onto her Twitter page. Suddenly, there was a wave of other Twitter users reposting the picture onto their pages and hash tagging #AlexfromTarget making it an instant trend. People can say that thanks to the Internet, this guy has become a huge new meme within less than 12 hours. There have been so many impersonations, fan fictions, and tweets from young teenage girls who are falling head over heels for Alex.

Target seems to be embracing this teen’s newfound attention since they saw that the younger people are able to be promoted to come to the store so the company can get their mojo back. The chain is looking to win back some of their customers by collaborating with designers and releasing exclusive toy lines for the holiday season coming up. Target is also looking forward to expanding its smaller formats of stores to lure some more local urban customers into the stores.

It seems that all of these changes can come around because of the smallest things that take place on the Internet that most people don’t know about. According to some posts from Alex’s official Twitter account, he can’t believe that he is becoming an Internet heartthrob so quickly. Also, it looks like this has created some spinoffs as people take pictures of good looking cashiers such as Frankie from Starbucks, Kieran from T-Mobile, and Betty from Walmart, which have all been posted on twitter as well. It seems that people can become so used to new Internet trends that pop up overnight that they just accept them as they are. The question that is now raised is how long will this Internet trend last and how many people will be able to understand the true meaning behind it all? Is there any major significance to give this guy his fifteen minutes