Time to Hit Those Books

By: Tai Cole

After the leaves give way to the snow, there comes a time in every student’s life where they must face their biggest fear: finals. As many of us are well-versed in the art of supreme procrastination, there are many ways to avoid the stress of balancing finals, homework, family responsibilities, and a social life as well. Here is a list of ten things you can do in order to better prepare yourself for finals.

1.) Staying on top of work throughout the semester not only keeps you up to date with the curriculum, but it also helps to boost your grade!
2.) Getting to sleep at a decent time will allow your brain to muster up the energy to perform at its best when it is test time!
3.) Setting a regular schedule for studying will break up the information that you have to learn for the test, making it easier to remember.
4.) Group studying is conducive for many students because it gives them the luxury of having another peer there to go to for assistance. Many students are more apprehensive when it comes to asking a teacher about something they did not understand.
5.) Eliminating all other distractions from your study environment, such as loud music, people, or television, will increase the quality of your study session.
6.) Eating a healthy breakfast, as well as throughout the day, gives your brain power! Students who eat breakfast in the morning have been shown to perform better than students who skip the most important meal of the day.
7.) DO NOT STRESS. Remember, it is just a test, and stressing out over an upcoming exam will only keep you from retaining all of the information you are reviewing.
8.) TAKE BREAKS. Many of us believe that “cramming” for a test will work. But as we continue to study over long periods of time, we actually begin to forget more than we actually retain.
9.) Practice taking the exam. Sit in a quiet room with questions related to your studies and time yourself. This will provide a mental stimulation that will better prepare you for the actual test.
10.) Just do your best. Once the time for testing arrives, you have done all that you can and no more. So believe in yourself and strut your stuff!