MSA Discusses Self Improvement

By Tim Ziman

Photo Credit: Tim Ziman

Photo Credit: Tim Ziman

Benedictine University’s MSA [Muslim Student Association] hosted an event on November 7 as part of a continuing series of topical discussions.

The discussions are based on themes picked by students at the university. This month’s topic was a discussion on “improving yourself.”

“This event was an opportunity to take some time and reflect about how real change starts with improving ourselves,” said MSA board member, Sarah Jaber.

MSA presented their discussion in the Tel Labs, with a different feel than usual.

“With the event set up as a talk show, the audience was able to sit back and take away beneficial knowledge in a fun and interactive way,” said Jaber.

There were multiple topics brought up at the event that led the students involved to take away different thoughts from the discussion.

“One thing that really hit home was when the speaker talked about true richness being richness of the heart and that if you are content with whatever God blessed you with, however small or great it may be, you are rich,” said MSA’s Vice President, Yara Elboghdady.

Although there were specific topics talked about, each student took away something that stood out and was significant to them.

“The speakers provided stories and words of advice on how self-awareness and self-criticism can bring about personal and global change at the same time,” said Jaber.

The event lasted around two hours and provided an insight into a Muslim point of view of how students on campus can discuss issues in a relaxed but also an academic environment.

“I learned from the event that all my hardships are God’s hidden blessings in that He’s giving me an excuse to be forgiven without even asking Him for forgiveness,” said Elboghdady.

MSA was pleased with the turnout of the event.

“The event went great! Our turn out was one of the best we’ve ever had and the actual discussion that was going on kept the audience intrigued the whole time,” said MSA’s Onsite Event Coordinator, Zeba Haseeb.

Food and beverages were provided to the students and attendees after the discussion was over at the event.

“We are definitely thinking about having something like this next semester,” said Haseeb.

Karly Sacco contributed to this story