Finally graduating but what’s next?

By: Zeba Haseeb
Perspectives Editor

That time of our college career is finally here. Where the young adults who came into Benedictine University as, become full-grown adults with much responsibility at hand. Time will be flying ridiculously quick from now on and with a blink of an eye spring semester will be here and we’ll all be getting ready for the graduation day we’ve been so eager about. The friends that we’ve made in the past four years will all tear up thinking about how we won’t be seeing each other on a daily basis anymore and move on to the next chapter in our lives. But how many of us exactly know what is going to happen next?

The second we realize that we’ve graduated college; a road trip is in order! Many students tend to plan a life changing vacation like backpacking through Europe to experience the new world with the knowledge they’ve learned the past years. As fresh adults out from school, it is our responsibility to learn more about the world around us to make a difference. In my opinion, a vacation in a different country and learning new cultures is the perfect thing to do!

Then we have those students who are still worrying about the next school they’ll be attending. Yes, many of us are also preparing for the graduate schools we’ve been admitted into. May it be a school for MBA or any kind of medical school, students still prepare for the vigorous few years ahead of them before starting their careers they’ve been so passionate about. Some of us also take a year or two off to study for exams for graduate school applications. That is a popular activity that many people I personally know will be doing.
Some of the seniors will be starting full time jobs as well. Gaining work experience for certain fields is very important nowadays, especially for those business majors. A job or internship at a company will help you well on your way to places you want to be in the future.

Whatever the seniors choose to do, make sure to live out the dreams when you graduate. We’ve all been working so hard these past four years and those late nights studying for exams and finishing up homework catches up to us. Be proud of yourself that you’ve made it this far and treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted to do!