Scary Movies: No Thank You!

By: Jessica Buettner


photo: Wikipedia

photo: Wikipedia

When it comes to scary movies, you can count me out because I get absolutely terrified whenever I see them. The scary movies just make me want to cover my eyes so I could save myself from the dreadful horror that is coming my way. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t watch scary movies at all; I do like to watch them every once in a while but I absolutely try my best to stay away from them. I have watched a few scary movies in the past and they have all done their job to scare my socks off!


This was the first scary movie that I ever saw and I was eight years old, at my friend’s house for a sleepover. This movie is the eighth one in the series of the famous Halloween movies that all involve the killer, Michael Myers. It involves six college students who are a part of an Internet reality show that includes them exploring Michael’s childhood house to discover the reason why he started to kill. All throughout, Myers is killing the contestants of the show one by one and that is something that really scared me. Just the fact of a strange man is going around, jumping out and killing people just creeps me out to another level.

This horror film has a different twist in a way, but it is still a movie that makes me jump. It is about a family who decides to adopt a young girl named Esther; she seems sweet and innocent at first, but then she starts acting strange. She injures a girl who bullied her, she kills the lady who runs the orphanage that she is originally from, and she tries to kill the younger brother of the family. The strange part about it is that she is actually a 33 year old woman named Leena who has a disease that causes her to not have physical growth. This means that she has been posing as a little girl most of her life; talk about really strange and scary at the same time.

This 2009 remake of the 1987 film shows that you can’t trust anyone who comes into your life. The movie is about a man who goes into this woman’s life and is introduced to the rest of her family, which includes her two sons. The oldest one comes home from military school and finds him a bit suspicious so he starts to investigate for more information about him. It is found out that he is a man who is listed as one of “America’s Most Wanted” as he has previously killed his other wife and children. The stepfather goes around to kill a neighbor as well as the sister of the woman and tries to kill the oldest son’s girlfriend. This man is on the loose and you never know who his next victims could be when he is done with those.

This may be the scariest movie that I have ever seen; you can call me crazy for thinking this, but I know that I’m not crazy for thinking this. It is a film in the Paranormal Activity series and acts as a prequel to the first movie that was released in 2007. This involves the young couple of Kristi and Daniel as they move in to their new home and discover weird things happening. They notice that a ghost is in the presence of their home and they try to get rid of it, but it just doesn’t seem to go away. After I saw the movie that night, I spent half the time sleeping just lying there with my eyes wide open, looking around the room to see if anything was to happen. That was how freaked out I was after I saw this film.