Reuniting faith and character

Sara Haque



photo: Sara Haque

photo: Sara Haque

Benedictine University’s Muslim Student Association hosted the first full day conference on Saturday, November 1.


The event entailed a full list of workshops, lectures and discussions surrounding the main focus of connecting beliefs with one’s character.


“The name our event is Lost in Translation: reuniting faith and character.” The main reason why we chose this topic is because the theme of our MSA this year is how to present your faith through your character,” said MSA Co-President Saima Shaik.


The day began with breakfast for those attending, followed by the opening workshop. The main session was titled, “Defining Faith and Character,” with Karen Danielson and Sheik Abdul Sattar Ahmed, who gave real life experiences and analogies to fully grasp their perspectives on the definitions.


“The whole idea of it being a conference with multiple speakers is really different. Since there are distinct inputs from many different speakers who have unique walks of life, and to have one common topic really brought it all together,” said junior Naila Yaseen.


Attendees had an open hour to pray, eat lunch and mingle with friends after the opening workshop.


“We had a full day long event, so it was convenient for all to come whenever and listen to a couple speakers, grab some food, hang with friends and at the same time gain some knowledge they can implement for the rest of the year,” said senior Sarah Jaber.


Next, there was the main session titled, “In a Compromising World,” with the speakers, Maulana Arif Kamal and Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed.


Both speakers gave their own insight on how to deal with day-to-day compromises that may occur in a college student’s life.


“What we are trying to address by inviting these scholars is to not compromise what is inside you, and to be confident enough to express your love for God through your character whether its through how you dress, to the way you talk to people or the way you talk about your religion,” said Shaik.


After, the attendees had the opportunity to have an open discussion about the troubles they might be going through, in the format of sending anonymous texts to the MSA leaders. Each problem was addressed as well as given advice from each member on possible ways to deal with these issues.


“Even if one person leaves this conference enlightened we will consider this event a success,” said Shaik.

MSA will be hosting another event on November 7 at 5:30 p.m. in Birck 112.