Illinois 2014 Election Day results

Bruce Rauner

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Governor: Bruce Rauner (R) Photo from:

According to, “Rauner isn’t in a political career. He is running for governor because he loves Illinois and refuses to stand by while career politicians drive it to the ground.” Rauner won the election with 50 percent of the votes, with former Governor Pat Quinn having 45 percent of the votes.

Dick Durbin

Senate: Dick Durbin (D) Photo from:

Senate: Dick Durbin (D)
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Durbin was re-elected for the fourth time as Senate. According to, “Durbin sits on the Senate Judiciary, Appropriations, Foreign Relations and Rules Committee.” Durbin won with 53 percent of the vote, while Jim Oberweis had 43 percent.



IL District 6

Peter Roskam (R)

IL District 11

Bill Foster (D)

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