Creepy Critters Night at BenU

by Tim Ziman



photo: Reem Ibrahim

photo: Reem Ibrahim

The Jurichy-Suchy Nature Museum transformed into a night full of spooks when the Creepy Critters event was hosted there on October 29.


This event gave attendees an insight into the insects and animals that are active during fall, especially the Halloween season.


“This is to promote conservation of animals, especially animals that are considered spooky and dark,” said the Curator of the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum, Karly Tumminello.


According to Tumminello, the museum’s mission was to help people become more aware of the animals and nature.


There were a few additional goals for the event that night as well.


According to Tumminello, the evening’s events included an arts and crafts station, where youngsters could create owls, as well as being able to pet a friendly milk snake, brought in from Willow brook Wildlife Center.


Many of the young visitors had come to the Creepy Critters event in costume, ranging in age.


The museum was decorated with dimmed lights and small tables of critters such as snakes, spiders, skunks and foxes.


The museum’s junior interns Bella DeMartino, A.J DiMartino and Sophie Moor conducted informational sessions about the critters that were positioned around the museum.


AJ has now been helping out at the museum for a few months.

“I really enjoy learning about the animals,” said A.J DiMartino.


The Jurichy-Suchy Nature Museum will be hosting more events very soon. Visit for more information.