BenU Haunted House

Tatanisha Wooley


The number one most haunted campus in the state just became even more haunted as clowns, crazy patients, zombie bride, butcher, and little girls playing games and riding tricycles invaded BenU’s Krasa.


Benedictine University’s programming board hosted the annual Haunted House Thursday, October 30 in upstairs Krasa ABC.


The event took place from 9:00 p.m. through 11:30 p.m. and was free to all who attended.


Upstairs Krasa was turned into a haunted house. To accommodate and help for the event dinner was canceled in Krasa and hosted in Coal Ben instead thanks to the help of Frank, Nick, and the other Sodexo workers.


There was no set theme like pervious years each room had its own theme. The outside cafeteria was decorated as circus that included mirrors, fog machine and balloons with clowns. Krasa A was the Asylum with the butcher, zombie bride, and crazy patient.


Krasa B was the Dark Room with club members dressing up in all black wearing white masks. The last room Krasa C was the child’s room with some of the girls dressing up as little girls playing hand games, singing, and one member riding a tricycle.


The event started off with students entering the circus themed room, followed by a child’s room, next it was the dark room, and the last room was the asylum.


The night of fright had students coming in either pairs or up to four people in one group. Creepy music played in the rooms giving each of the rooms a creepier vibe.


Programming Board worked hard to set up for the event since they had one day to set up.


“The most challenging part definitely is the planning it out and setting it up,” said club president Katie Miller. “We put a lot of time and thought into it.”


Other members involved with setting up the haunted house, Katie Buell and Monica Miller, did a trial run before the actually event started.


They wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly and it was scary enough for the students.


The screams could be heard throughout the others rooms, the circus people would start off scaring and they walk into the other rooms feeling apprehensive about the other’s rooms.


Many of the students hid in their friend’s arms and refused to look up.


“The funniest part was when two girl became so scared they balled up in a corner and stayed there,” said Programming Board member Tania Diaz.

The event was a success with 160 students coming out for a few minutes of terror. Those who missed out are in luck because there will be a haunted house next year as well.