Procrastination At Its Finest

By: Tai Cole

Since midterms are underway for Benedictine students, it is always beneficial to be reminded of some helpful tips to stay on top of your game. As you were always told, it is good to stay nourished, get enough sleep, and study on a regular basis; but now that you are given total control over your work ethic, one of the most important tips is to AVOID PROCASTINATION!

This negative aspect of a lifestyle that many of us live is failure to complete work in a timely manner, which can result in a nightmare. It starts with the false sense of security, claiming you have “more than enough time to finish this project!” and then the excuses come as you realize that you are “too busy to finish this project.” After the weeks pass, you start to neglect other areas of your life as you try to squeeze in time that you unfortunately do not have. Finally, you are stuck to a computer screen with a cup of cold coffee and a bad case of insomnia; and the cycle is bound to repeat. Procrastination is bad not only because it creates a mess in the end, but it is the most inconspicuous form of self-sabotage; it just prevents you from being the best Eagle you can be!

But procrastination is a bigger issue than many think, because it is a lifestyle, not a habit. According to Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D., associate psychology professor at DePaul University, “telling a procrastinator to buy a weekly planner is like telling someone with depression to just cheer up.” The behaviors those people exhibit affects every aspect of their lives, preventing them from completing any task on time. People who are not able to regulate their schedules can even affect others as well. It can cause a group assignment to receive a bad grade because of one student’s failure to finish work, or it can even cause people in the work place to grow to dislike the procrastinator. Procrastinators often believe that if they wait for the “perfect opportunity” to arise, they will then get it done. In reality, however, that is usually never the case, and many can be affected. So think about your reasoning the next time you want to put off that 10-page paper that is due in one month!