Jessica’s Top 5 YouTubers!

By Jessica Buettner

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

YouTube is a popular website where people can watch a variety of videos; whether it is the cute kitten videos that never get old or watch videos created by different fashionistas. Ever since the start of YouTube, there has been a list of people who have become famous because of their start on the social networking site. On my personal channel, I am subscribed to a number of these people and I like to watch their videos, whenever I need a laugh or two. Whether it is skits involving silly songs or a person just talking to the audience about their viewpoints of certain situations, these videos always seem to find a way to put a smile on my face. My top 5 favorite YouTube channels always seem to make me laugh one way or another.

This channel has been around ever since 2005 and consists of the dynamic duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Ever since they started posting music videos for classic theme songs to Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their imaginations just seemed to run wild. With classic favorites such as the Food Battles and How To videos to new projects such as “Flappy Bird Ruined My Life” and “Movies Vs. Reality,” their senses of humor are easily played out in most of their videos.

Anthony Padilla, one half of Smosh, decided to make a vlog channel with his fiancé, Kalel Cullen. This lovely YouTube couple makes daily videos that just show them living their lives every day as they do crazy adventures together. Ever since their channel was first created, I have been a subscriber and have watched a variety of their days being filmed. From Anthony proposing to Kalel in Japan and Kalel going to school in order to become a fashion designer, to them going on a European trip and concerts, it seems that the fun never seems to stop for Anthony and Kalel.

The main reason why I love this channel is because their series of people reacting to popular videos on YouTube. The Fine Bros, Benny and Rafi, gather together a variety of people together to help them with their React videos. Whether it would be kids, teens, elders, or YouTubers, their reactions to some of the most popular videos. I usually like to look at the YouTubers reacting to videos because it’s nice to see some of the familiar faces appear in their videos.

  1. Improv Everywhere

There’s no telling what kind of video will come up next on this channel; this channel seems to consist of special projects that cause scenes in different places. Some popular uploads that they have come up with are “Frozen Grand Central Station,” “Mall Santa Musical,” “Black Tie Beach,” “Carousel Horse Race,” “The Mute Button,” and so much more. The variety of projects that appear on their channel seems to be endless and I just love seeing the hard work that goes into these projects and the other people’s reactions when these projects are in action.

  1. Jamie Pine

Some of you may have never heard of this YouTuber, but he is one of my personal favorites. This 19 year old British teenager is just absolutely hilarious in my eyes as he makes daily vlogs, tag videos, and ask Jamie every once in a while. Another reason why he is one of my personal favorites is his personality seems to be similar to that of some of my friends. Plus, the way he looks and his British accent is just so perfect that it just makes me want to melt when I see his face in a new video. So, if you have never heard of this YouTuber, I would suggest you check him out.