“Let’s Get Chocolate Wasted!”

By Tatanisha Wooley

Programming Board hosted a Chocolate Party as one of their free weekly events Thursday, October 9 at the Coal Ben from 9 p.m. until the treats were gone.

“Everyone loves free food! It’s something different than they normally get,” said Candance Rogers, club secretary.

There was a chocolate heaven amongst the students at BU and thanks to student activity club, Programming Board.

There were many delicious chocolate treats at the event; there were brownies, graham crackers, chocolate ice cream, milk, pound cake, strawberries, pineapples, vanilla wafers, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and bacon.

The line inside the Coal Ben was long with eager excited students waiting to get their hands on some chocolate. The event had many students showing up for a chocolate surprise.

There were numerous ways in which students can make their own chocolate surprise. From dipping the fruit, chocolate, or bacon students came up with many ways to satisfy their chocolate desires. Almost each student’s plate was different from the last in what they chose to dip into chocolate.

There were many ways student put the chocolate dip to use. There was the crowd favorite chocolate with obvious choices like pineapples or strawberries. The bacon with chocolate was a crowd favorite.

“I love the strawberries and pineapples dip into chocolate,” said sophomore Tania Diaz.

The clubs host lots of different food throughout the year and each one if successful. The food events are typically after dinner hours and meal times in Coal Ben, students can break from studying and doing homework to come and eat a quick snack.

The next Programming Board event will be Tuesday, October 21 and it will be crowd favorite, Bingo Night.