Chaos of Construction on Campus

By Zeba Haseeb
Perspectives Editor

The apparent nuisance in the center of the quad is driving the whole campus insane. The project that began late last semester is just becoming more obnoxious as the weeks go by. The business building that is to be finished by next fall has created countless amount of issues for students of Benedictine University.

The major issue with the construction going on is that amount of noise pollution it creates. Students that have classes typically in the Kindlon building, and during the daytime, they are disrupted by the loud banging as their professor tries to teach a lecture to the class. Not only that, but while taking exams it is especially distracting trying to concentrate on answering questions. I am speaking from personal experience when speaking about concentration issues while taking exams. If the noise is too distracting then it can definitely cause a student to score a lower grade on an exam or miss something taught in class.

Another huge issue that the population of Benedictine is discussing is how crowded the campus is feeling with the new building being constructed. Our beloved quad where people played volleyball and had late night bonfires was completely taken away from us; the feel of a campus was ripped away for another building that is just too close to the other monuments of the school. There is barely any place on campus where students can hang out with their friends anymore. Yes it is true that students do need more space to study which is what the business building will help with, but the “fun” of a college campus is just as important to people.

It is very unfortunate that the mold found in Ondrak had such devastating timing. Because of the reconstruction of that building as well, parking spaces have been taken away from students causing more issues with space. Both faculty and students have been having a lot of trouble figuring out where to park and causing them to be late to class. We already have had parking space issues in the past, but such a large area being blocked off has taken this issue to a completely different level.

All I can say is that this semester, the campus of Benedictine University does not have that homey feel to it anymore. It is just a place for people to go to class and go straight home afterwards. There is not nearly enough space for people to relax in between classes. We just want our ideal campus back where people can enjoy themselves and create unforgettable college memories.