A Noteworthy Shift

Hashim Arain

There was some stunning news that broke as Catholic bishops gathered in Rome for a two-week Synod, where bishops gather to talk about issues that are seen as important to the Catholic Church. One of these issues is whether to welcome gay and lesbian people into the Church. It seems as though the Catholic Church has taken a softer approach in tone on this issue than in the past. According to TIME Magazine, the Synod stated, that gay Catholics have good qualities to offer to the Christian community.

This statement from the Catholic Church is a softer tone than its criticism of gay and lesbian Catholics in the past. This is exactly the type of statement that some have been waiting for. The rhetoric of the Catholic Church on this issuw has garnered a lot of reaction from those who support this, and from those who don’t. According to the Huffington Post, the Synod posed the question of having a softer attitude of being more accepting of gays and lesbians in the Church, while at the same time balancing Catholic values.

This represents a more lenient approach to this issue that the Catholic Church has taken than in years past. As the Huffington Post also notes, that some Catholic bishops are not going to use harsh language when describing gay couples. This shows that the Catholic Church is committed to making it more welcoming to the gay Catholic community. I think this shift in tone from the Church shows the changing times that we live in, every day people are becoming more accepting of the gay community, and the Catholic Church is starting to show some signs of that type of attitude.

According to Reuters, even though the Catholic Church is still firmly against same sex marriage, they will start to become more accepting of gay Catholics and not use discriminatory language towards them. The Synod will continue to debate this issue for another week or so, but it seems like the discussion is headed in a new direction. With Pope Francis as the new face of the Church for over a year, he has strived to push it in a different direction than in the past.

Pope Francis has won praise and received criticism for focusing on issues like economic inequality. It seems like that he’s trying to make new waves with the Church on the inclusion of gays and lesbians in it. I admire Pope Francis and those in the Catholic Church for having this type of discussion, it really shows how times have changed, and this also shows that Pope Francis and the Catholic bishops are making an effort to evolve their views on this issue. We will see in the coming days just how evolved their thinking on this really is.

This shows that the Catholic Church is striving to have a serious discussion about this, and it could change the way gays and lesbian Catholics are treated by their fellow followers of the Catholic religion.