The Haunted Halls of Benedictine

By Tai Cole

UntitledAs the month of October reaches an end and Halloween approaches, many love to participate in the tradition of telling the most chilling tales they can conjure up. Fortunately for Benedictine University students, there is an array of scary stories that many students and teachers alike can pass on to future Eagles. It isn’t hard to believe that a school with a cemetery and “orphanage-turned-high school” on either side of would attract some of the spookiest ghouls the living has seen!

Nationally known as one of the most haunted universities, students from all over find interest in why so many ghost stories come from here. recognizes Benedictine University as the most haunted college in the Midwest, commenting on the many attempts of students who have tried to contact spirits in many of the buildings and the cemetery using an Ouija board; needless to say all of the events were unsuccessful. From stories of a little wandering boy in blue shorts to ghosts roaming the halls and tormenting the students that dorm here, many will find themselves on the lookout for the next campus ghost. In the art wing of Benedictine, many claim to be able to hear voices, even in silence!

Also, Scholl Hall is reportedly home to many lingering spirits after the sun sets. In all three dorm halls on campus, students have claimed to hear or see ghosts aimlessly wandering the halls at night; rooms in both Jaeger and Ondrak Hall have been closed due to incidents that left the area “haunted”. One of the most chilling stories noted was the tale of an exorcism done on a student in one of the old buildings, now replaced by the parking garage, on campus.
After unsuccessfully reaching a spirit using the Ouija board, he became possessed. Many priests went with him to the top of the building to exorcise the demon from out of his body, but something went horribly wrong…and he never returned. Now many claim that he is one of the spirits more frequently seen by students, terrorizing the campus. But since these are all stories, we have absolutely nothing to worry about! Right?