15 Signs You Have a Roommate/Best Friend for Life

Tatanisha Wooley

Entering college as a freshman, and living in one of the dorms, can be terrifying. Is it because they are living away from home? No. Is it because they will have to learn how to laundry? No. It’s because they will have a total stranger living with them. I know I was terrified even though we texted one another it was still scary waiting to meet her. What if we didn’t get along once we met in person? Needless to say, we got long terrific and now as seniors we are still roommates.

1. You two go to bed at unreasonable times because you’re both up and are having too much fun to go to bed. Sleep after 2 p.m. is normal for you.

2. Washing the dishes is fun with the right person. You two can make a boring chore suddenly fun and entertaining to do.

3. Cooking is an adventure that only the two of you understand. You will have system that others may not understand but you two do.

4. Dreams are possible because you help push one another to achieve them. No matter how they may sound or seem.

5. There is no such thing as a dumb question. You say whatever you want without any judgment.

6. You aren’t afraid of sharing the most intimate and sacred secrets of your life.

7. There’s no such thing as fighting over the remote because you two watch the same shows. If not, they will give
your show a chance.

8. There is no such thing as judgment after a night of few too many drinks. After all, the next time will be their turn.

9. You are not embarrassed to sing your heart out in the shower when they are around.

10. They know their limits if you are not in the mood they know to leave you alone. Nothing you two say is taken offensively because you love one another.

11. Everything you two do together is a new adventure full of crazy moments. Even the lazy Netflix coma induced days are simply a time for more roomie bonding.

12. There is no rush to looks presentable in front of them. Your roommate is one if the few people who know what you truly look like in the morning. Not wearing makeup in front of them will not matter.

13. They will always replace the toilet paper and will remember to flush the toilet. There will never be no unfortunate damaging of the eyes.

14. If you lose your keys or were ever lock out they will come and save you, being your superhero.

15. It is an unspoken rule of one of you comes back late and the other is sleeping they will leave the lights off and just use the light on their phone.

16. When you need a nap they will wake up before you next class with plenty of time to get yourself presentable even if you don’t want leave the bed.

17. Crying is a non-judging zone while eating an entire tube of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream.