Vampire Diaries Recap

by Tatanisha Wooley

photo credit: Wikipedia

photo credit: Wikipedia

The hit show Vampire Diaries premiere on Thursday, October 8 on the CW. The show opened with lead character, Elena Gilbert talking to an unknown person or thing. She was telling what each character had been up to in the last five months following the deaths of Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett.

As sad as I am about the deaths, I saw Bonnie’s death, after all she was “dead” why not kill her off officially. When Damon died I didn’t cry, Elena did enough crying for the entire world! When Stefan died I was a mess just to add. Then again, Stefan is such a sweet, caring and compassionate, basically all the good a person is supposed to be, so it was sad to see him go, even though it was for like one episode. It was the longest time of my life.

Once she was done explaining, the viewers saw that she was talking to Damon. Elena got to see Damon because she was taking a hallucination drug made by Luke. As I watching the show I could not help but notice how Elena seem to only care about Damon’s death.

Ummm… hello what about her best friend since childhood that died. The past seasons Elena has gotten really selfish, it makes her unlikeable as a character. She started drinking the hallucinations drug, she was bloodthirsty leading her to kill and drain humans on the show. This is a different side of her, not really since she started changing over the seasons. Also, I feel like the show should be renamed the Damon and Elena Show because that’s what it is about now. The writers have taken Stefan out of the equation even though the premise of the show is the triangle between the three leads. For a season premiere the show did not live up past season premieres.

Carolina spent the entire episode trying to either figure out how to take back to Mystic Falls or wondering about Stefan. Speaking of Carolina, why can’t she ever be single? First, there was Matt, Tyler, Klaus, Tyler again, and now there is Stefan and maybe Enzo. Seriously, this girl needs to slow down! I am a huge Carolina fan, she has come a long way since season one. I just think the writers should give her better scenes than just be the girl who wants the guy. Candice is a great actress and I would like to see expand as both an actress and character.

Alaric is back! So happy! He was such an amazing person but I feel bad for him. Throughout the show he was struggling with being an Original Vampire. For those who don’t remember Alaric hates vampires because it’s because of them his wife is dead and why is life change drastically. The mystery of this season will surround Damon and Bonnie and where they are and can they be brought back. On a good note, we were introduced to a new character like Liam. Who so far seems good but you never know with this show. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The show ended with Elena realizing how screw up and what a mess she is. Does she go and apologize and try to do right? Nope. She asks Alaric to compel her to forget Damon because the pain of being without him is just too much to bear for her. Alaric as an Original has the power to compel other vampires.

Now the next question is will Alaric do it or will Elena stop being a selfish person and live with the pain. Why isn’t she asking Alaric to compel Bonnie from her mind? Guess the Bonnie pain is not of a big deal. I just want Elena to go back to season one Elena, when she was human because vampire Elena is not fun or good.