Enrique and Pitbull Set Allstate on Fire!

by Jessica Buettner

Photo credit: Jessica Buettner

Photo credit: Jessica Buettner

This past weekend, I had the chance to go see the Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull concert with my parents. The concert was our first event as a family. Despite the fact that traffic was terrible because of an accident that happened, we got to the venue just as the opening act was starting to perform.

The opening act that got the audience pumped up for the main event was an artist named J Balvin. I never heard of his music before so I wasn’t too worried about showing up just as he was starting to perform. The only downside of his performance for me were that several songs were in Spanish and I therefore didn’t know the words. However, the beat of the music and the energy that he provided made me excited to see the artists that I was really here to see.

A few minutes later, the arena lights went down, the stage lights came up and the words, “Mr. Worldwide” appeared on the big screen. A little biography about Pitbull’s life came up as beautiful women appeared on stage and started to dance to the music the band was playing. Just then, smoke came out as Pitbull came up from below the stage and began his performance with “Don’t Stop the Party”. Then, he performed “International Love” along with his own versions of songs such as “Turn Down for What” and some classic rock n’ roll songs. I was having so much fun that I was continuously fist pumping, jumping up and down all while I was trying to take pictures and videos of his performances. Other songs he performed were “Give Me Everything,” “Rain Over Me,” “Hey Baby,” “Hotel Room Service,” “I Know You Want Me,” “Back in Time” and many others. Overall, Pitbull put on a great show for everyone attending the concert and it is a show that I will truly remember.

Shortly after Pitbull’s performance, the arena lights went down once again, the stage lights came on and the big screen was full of colors. The band started to play the music and then, Enrique Iglesias came up from below the stage as he began to sing, “I’m a Freak.” It was a really great song to get the audience pumped up for his performance. Then, he continued to perform other songs; the only disadvantage for me was most of his songs were in Spanish and I didn’t know the words. He did perform a few songs that I knew such as “Bailamos,” “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” and “Finally Found You.”

After performing a few songs on the main stage, Enrique and his band decided to go through the audience on the main floor and go up on this little stage that was a few feet away from where my parents and I were sitting. He invited two members from the audience to join him on stage for a performance of “Lean on Me,” along with performing a few other songs. Then, he returned to the main stage to perform a few more songs, which leads to another one of my favorite parts of his performance.

Since the concert was the day before my parents’ wedding anniversary, it was really amazing when Enrique performed their first dance song, “Hero.” I actually started to tear up because I thought that it was total chance that he would perform that song. Just as the song was ending, a fan jumped onto the stage and ran to Enrique to give him a big hug. A security guard ran after her, but Enrique said that it was fine, he’ll take care of it and the security guard left. It gave me the sign that this famous singer really does care about his fans and not that many singers do this.

Then, he finished the show by performing “Bailando” and “I Like It”. Pitbull then joined Enrique on stage to perform once last time for the night. Confetti was showering over the audience, the stage was full of color, the band was jamming, and the two artists were really having a good time. When it all ended, I left the stadium with a great big smile on my face because it was such a great show for me to attend. Their show was full of energy and great music that I hope I get the chance to see them again in the future.