American Horror Story: Freak Show -Live Journal

by Karly Sacco

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

It’s that time of year! The new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show started on Wednesday, October 8 with an episode titled, “Monsters Among Us.”

If you have not heard of or even know what American Horror Story is you might be a little “freaked out” by what you are about to read, so do not say I didn’t warn you.
Every season of AHS has a different theme, but I knew that the newest season titled Freak Show, was going to be the freakiest one yet.

Taking place in 1952, this season is far from normal considering those times were a lot different back then. The average person in the show interact with individuals that are a little different, they even consider the freaks. I mean, some of these characters are a little creepy I must admit, but they are what make the show so…freaky.

Just when I thought the show was getting some what normal, a two-headed girl on a hospital bed shows up and brings the episode to a whole new level!
That’s when she made her first appearance, the one and only Jessica Lange.
She seems to be playing a leader role, just like in every other season of AHS. It is clear that Lange is up to no good, but that is not surprising.

The episode then transitions to a sunny, happy scene of a young couple on a romantic picnic follows the hospital scene… but wait… here comes a bloody clown creeping from out of the bushes. You can only imagine what happened to the adorable couple having a nice time on their picnic, trust me it wasn’t pretty. We will just move on to the next scene.

A flashback occurs to a freak show that once was successful. Now it makes sense that Jessica Lange’s’ character is some sort of ringleader of the whole show and she is slowly trying to gather all of her “freaks”, such as the two-headed girl. As the scene comes back to present time now she has ran into a boy in a dinner that appears to have known for her a while now and was once a part of this show she has put together.

On a side note, the costumes and everything that has to do with the setting of this show is just perfect. The music goes so well with every scene and the angles of the camera have never failed to express the emotion that is mean to be felt on screen. Although sometimes extremely creepy, the weird scenes are always appropriative.
Getting back to episode…. oh lovely, the clown is back and he now has managed to become even creepier. The element he has added to the show is how you would say, terrifying!
(I most definitely will not be sleeping tonight.)

The two-headed girl finally got out of the hospital and has gone to join the new and improved, freak show. While walking to the tent, she passes by all her fellow “freaks” that she will now be joining.
Although the show is something to be scary and weird, the message that no matter how you look or how different you are, you will have a family that will stand by your side no matter how you are portrayed.

The two-headed girl has now become the hope for the freak show to get more audience members so they don’t run out of business.

As they preform in their first show, only two people show up to their performance, and one of the people become so obsessed with the two-headed girl that he wanted to buy them. But, showing how devoted she is to her family, she chose to stay with the freak show.

As the show comes to an end the ringleader, Jessica Lange, sits alone in her room and reveals to us that she is not so different than the rest of the freaks. As the camera zooms in to her legs we quickly see that she has prosthetic legs. We will have to wait to see how the new season unfolds. I am predicting it is just going to get freakier with each episode.