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photo credit: Subhaan ashrafi

photo credit: Subhaan ashrafi

Going to WWE Monday night Raw last week was definitely a wake up call for me. Last Monday, I saw the reality of WWE fans of all ages.

As a child, watching WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was a very big hobby of mine. My uncles used to watch it and I eventually caught on. I wanted to buy all the WWE toys and I honestly looked up to these WWE characters as my heroes. I would stay awake every Monday and Friday night to watch every episode of WWE. I would even beg my Mom to buy my friends and I all the paper view events, which aired every couple of months. WWE was what I looked forward to for my source of entertainment. I would even buy all the WWE video games. WWE to me was a way of life when I was a child. My friends and I would wrestle each other when we were kids. We simulated the drama of the WWE into our own real life wrestling matches and confrontations. It was a great time in my life.


Most children who watch WWE believe that it is real, I definitely did. I thought it was so cool that these men and women could jump from ceilings and cause all this damage and still be able to stand up and keep wrestling. Eventually as I got older, more and more of my friends would stop watching WWE. They would all tell me it was fake, this was hard for me to believe. With time, I eventually stopped watching the WWE frequently. I would watch it here and there and it would hurt knowing that this is not reality. To me, WWE was only for children who thought it was real.


This past week, I had the opportunity to go to a WWE event. I wanted to relive some of my childhood memories with my friends. I wasn’t really up to date in terms of the drama involved, but I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to play catch-up. When I arrived at the arena, I noticed many children. Nonetheless, there were many people my age and older with legit signs, t-shirts, and more! I couldn’t believe it, there were people older than me who still watched and enjoyed WWE.


It finally hit me; the people around my age and above obviously know it isn’t real. However, the factor that makes the WWE so great for them is the drama and storyline! When I finally adapted to that concept I fell in love with the WWE in a blink of the eye. I literally watched this event as if I were watching a TV show and it was so intriguing. After last week, I became a fan of WWE again.


I learned a lot last week at the WWE event. Whether you are a child or an adult, you can still be a fan of something if you truly enjoy it. In terms of the WWE, majority of the children love it for the action and majority of the adults love it for the drama. Together, both become the equivalent to a WWE fan.