Zeba Haseeb
Perspectives Editor

  Photo credit: theguardian.com

Photo credit: theguardian.com
Finally, the citizens of Hong Kong have been fed up and decided to take a shocking stand against their government. The protestors that assembled in Hong Kong are shouting the message of pro-democracy. They are outraged with the amount of power the government of China has that oppresses people in their daily lives. The pro-democracy group has now reached tens of thousands of people today after weeks of protesting. The government has tried dozens of techniques to hush the protests, but their voices are just getting louder.

These protestors are known to hold up umbrellas while screaming their message to avoid any kind of tear gas thrown at them. Their strongest ally is the power of social media, which is how many people are being aware of what is going on half way across the world. Several videos have been uploaded on YouTube to show exactly what is going on and how the government is handling the protests. People all around the world are not hesitating to share these videos on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and any other social media site they use. The Chinese government attempted to block any kind of social media use, but they failed
miserably because people still found a way to send messages to their friends and families.

Spreading the word isn’t the only way these protestors are gaining followers; they have started blocking highways so people can’t get through and strikes all around colleges so classes will not be in session so they’re forced to be heard. Government officials now have no choice, but to listen to the demands of the people and that is what they’re doing now. Some kind of resolution is still in the process of being figured out and the oppressed will be no more.

The last time China had any kind of protest was the famous Tiananmen Square incident when a man walked right in front of an army’s tank not to hurt him, but just give him a rose as a sign of peace. The shocking thing is no one ever knew who he was yet the Chinese government decided to pick a random citizen and execute him in front of the country to make sure no acts of protests are ever tolerated under the government’s rule.

Situations have completely changed now. The power of social media is not to be underestimated. This is the key of our generation now and it is great to see everyone uses it to the greatest of their abilities. Unity is the definition of our generation today and with unity we will be able to overcome any kind of obstacle such as this.