Spotlight on Dr. Tait

Karly Sacco
News Editor

Dr. Alicia Tait has added the position of Acting Director of Campus Ministry to go along with her other title of Assistant to the President for Mission Integration.

“Ultimately my hope is that campus ministry serves the entire Benedictine University community, and that I can take the structure that is already built and help more people find their way into the services of the ministry,” said Dr. Tait.

She wishes to connect her two positions at the university to express a bigger message to the community.

“I want to focus on what Benedictine University is, what we have to offer, and what is the best way that most people can take advantage of all those things and develop their faith,” explained Dr. Tait.

The added position of Acting Director of Campus Ministry has Dr. Tait working very hard, but that does not stop her from being positive.

“I am very excited about this because it is an unique opportunity and to me this is one of those once in a lifetime experiences,” said Dr. Tait.