Equality for everyone

By Zeba Haseeb
Perspectives Editor

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Throughout history we’ve had many influential women changing aspects of our world to make it what it is today. We had Susan B. Anthony who was a building block towards equality, Oprah Winfrey who became the first African American billionaire, and even Eleanor Roosevelt who was an icon for not only the whole country, but the whole world to follow. If women can accomplish so much then why not treat them as equals even today?

That’s exactly the question Emma Watson raised at the United Nations meeting just a few weeks ago. Her speech on equality left everyone stunned and impressed, and that was just the beginning. Her start of the campaign “HeforShe” is all about raising awareness about gender inequality existing all around the world. We have many developed countries that have accomplished so much yet still can’t grasp the concept of a man and woman being able to be treated equally. This injustice has to stop right now and Emma Watson’s campaign is the beginning of this fight!

Popularity of Watson’s speech exploded all over the Internet and social media sites which led to others all around the world sharing their ideas supporting Emma. The hashtag “HeforShe” was trending all over social media sites as soon as the meeting was over. Celebrities did not hesitate to share their support for this campaign and posted pictures of themselves with signs that read “HeforShe”.

As soon as the celebrity support started booming everyone else continued the trend and posted themselves with pictures and signs as well. It didn’t take long for the campaign message to spread like wild fire and now our job is to continue the fight. Let everyone start acting on this cause because discrimination of any kind is a key component to what makes the world ugly. Men and women in this generation are completely capable of accomplishing the exact same thing and it’s time the whole world knows that now too!