Benedictine Volleyball wins match against Alverno

By: Elana Garay


Women’s volleyball channeled their motivation as a team on the road to win their set against Alverno College this past Wednesday.

The first match was a tough loss for Benedictine, the score was 25-22.Senior Andraia Leja contributed an ace and freshman Emily Chitwood had two kills. The second set started out great for the Eagles, who took an early lead of 6-1. Alverno began to catch up with a score of 13-11. Towards the end of the set, things continued to not end up well for Benedictine, the score for the second set ended with 25-20. So far the Eagles are at 2-0. It was not until the third set that the eagles fought back. Benedictine got a better start to the set by scoring 12-4. By the end of the third set, the eagles finished with 25-14.

The game got heated in the fourth set between the two teams. Benedictine started off the match in the lead. As Benedictine was leading with a score of 6-2, Alverno struck back. Alverno stole the lead with a score of 10-9. Benedictine battled and got themselves back in the lead with 16-10. Sophomore Molly Morley’s aces and kills from freshman Erin Wiegand is what secured Benedictine’s lead in the set. They continued scoring points that gave them a lead score of 23-18. The fourth set ended with 25-23 and Benedictine won the match!

Finally the last match came along. Alverno began the match with a 3-0 score but then Benedictine rallied back for points, tying up the score 10-10. It finished with Benedictine winning, 15-13. Junior Ashley Karsten secured the lead with a kill and Chitwood ended the match with the winning kill.

“It was an exciting game! We were determined to win. We played together and we had each other’s backs. It was a great feeling and win,” said Leja.

During the game there was a total of 53 kills, 69 digs, 16 aces and six blocks. This win puts the eagles 3-0 undefeated in the NACC conference. A big congratulations to their coach Jennifer Wildes who earned her 200th win as the head Benedictine volleyball coach.

“I am glad that the girls finally were able to grab that win. I always look forward to watching their matches. Their motivation on and off the court is inspiring for other teams,” said senior Mike Krueger.