iHeartRadio Music Festival Raves Once Again in Vegas

By Jessica Buettner

This past weekend, many people from across the country traveled


Las Vegas in order to get to the MGM Grand to attend the 4th annual iHeartRadio Music Festival. This two-day event featured a variety of many popular artists and music groups with a few surprise guests popping up here and there along the way.


Lorde was one of the great performances that went on during Saturday. Now, for some reason, she bent over and she flipped her back so many times that it seemed like she was doing an impression of Willow Smith. When she was on stage, she was wearing black and white pants with a matching top along with bangles on her wrists, and dark red lipstick. She performed several of her popular tunes including Royals, Team, and Tennis Court along with some new tunes such as Glory and Gore. Even though she is a young teenager, her voice still ranks supreme that it makes it a truly great artist that people choose to listen to.

Iggy Azelea

Direct from Australia, this rising rap star definitely had an all-out performance during the festival. She wore a pink and purple outfit with some really cute black boots to make the outfit complete. As always, Iggy was lightning fast when it came to her rapping while DJ Whiz Kid was there to provide the vocal parts for some of her songs. She was rapping to her top hit Fancy along with some other party songs such as Bounce, Black Widow, Work, and Change Your Life. Iggy seems like she has a good future based on how much success she has gained ever since her hit singles and now people can’t really get enough of her.

One Direction

Along with the Beatles and 5 Seconds of Summer, the lovely boys of One Direction have all been together ever since the very beginning of the British X-Factor. Now, they have performed at the iHeartRadio music festival where many of their beloved fans were able to attend their performance. Most of them were singing along to many of the songs that 1D performed during their set such as Best Song Ever, You and I, What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life, and all of their other hits that are constantly played on the radio. They have a million “Directioners” that support them and listen to their music all around the world. Whether you love them or hate them, they are one of the most popular boy bands of our day today.

As the hangovers started to kick in and the memories were being relived, the festival goers were all starting to have the same question on their minds: “What is to come of iHeartRadio Music Festival 2015 and will it top off what occurred this year?” Well, it seems that the only way to find out the answer to that question is to wait until next year to see who will be performing, what will happen, and how will it amaze everyone that attends.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia