God’s Calling to Me

By Jessica Buettner

Sitting on a park bench near the lake as the sun begins to set.

Other people are going about with their day surround me.

I don’t move a muscle, I sit there, breathing slowly and silently with my eyes shut.

I was listening for a sound that would allow me to escape from this dreadful reality world for a while.

I was listening for a sound I was afraid I would never hear.
The sound of God, calling out to me…

Suddenly, the sound of silence starts to fill the air bit by bit as the tweets of birds are joined together to form a beautiful song.

Along with the chirps of crickets that make the same sounds within the hours of the night when the moon is shining above us.

Then, I listen to the calm waters resting silently in the lake and to the rustle of the leaves that come along with the windy breezes.

The soft winds that brush up against the branches that are dressed up with the green leaves of summer.

Nature is a wonderful way to show that God is calling out to me to reveal what I have truly been missing.

He notices that I can become easily distracted by the things that happen in my everyday life.

Music that is being blasted through my earbuds, my ring tone going off when a person wants to communicate with me via cellphone, and words being exchanged between my friends and family.

I realize that it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes to step out of society I live in to just sit somewhere, anywhere to escape into a whole new realm where peace exists.

Whether I choose the park, the beach, or inside my own home, I can just set some time out of my busy schedule to close my eyes and listen for a possible message that God might be trying to tell me.

As I open my eyes, I can hear the sounds the surround me once again.

The laughter of children as they run around in the nearby field, the roar of lawn mowers coming from local field workers, and the stomp of footsteps that are made as people walk past me along the trail.

I make the assumption that the gateway for me to escape my world for a while is closer to me than I think it is.