Dawson’s Creek Leaving Netflix Being Replaced by Gilmore Girls

By Tatanisha Wooley

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

September 19th was the last day to watch popular 90s show Dawson’s
Creek. As someone who had planned on watching the show I was sad to see it go, now I will not get to watch the famous Dawson’s crying face when he lost Joey Potter. Popular movies like Mean Girls, Hunger Games, and 28 Days Later will no longer be on Netflix. As sad as I am too see Dawson’s Creek go, I am excited to see Gilmore Girls added to the Instant list on October 1st. I am huge fan of the widely popular show that ran from 2000-2007. Like many people I plan on being busy and watching all seven seasons once it is added. Netflix adding Gilmore Girls got me thinking about what other shows should be on the Instant play list.
The O.C- Let’s be honest everyone loves the bad/good boy and no two people played the roles better than Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen. Although, Ryan was more misunderstood than bad. I know I could use some Adam Brody in my life.

What Other Shows Should be on There…

Friends- Ummm…why hasn’t this show been added? Friends was seriously hilarious and its known for being one of the biggest shows of all time. People would get to obsess over Ross and Rachel’s relationship from the very beginning and laugh at Joey’s dumb antics.

The Simpsons- You would think that a show like this would have been added but sadly it as not. Twenty-five seasons and it is still airing on TV but not on Netflix.

Game of Thrones- One of the most watch shows of this time and it is not available to stream on Netflix? No wonder the previous season was the most pirated season ever.

Seinfeld- When people think of the 90s comedy show, Seinfeld comes to mind. It transformed comedy and is the reason Friends even exists – do I need to say anymore.

That’s So Raven/Old Disney- This show was popular because it was actually funny and had laugh out loud belly laughs. This was back when Disney had actually funny shows and it wasn’t about some teen trying to be famous. I just wish Disney had a separate network that was just dedicated to old Disney. Seriously, the ratings would skyrocket if they added this network.

The Sopranos- Everyone has heard of this show but how many people have actually watched the show? Netflix should get the show and give people the chance to watch the greatest, deepest, and grittiest crime family saga ever to be aired on TV.

Malcolm and the Middle- unless you were living under a rock you watch and enjoy Malcolm and his family crazy antics. This show is funnier now that I watch some of the reruns and I can understand the jokes.

E.R. – As a fan of Grey’s Anatomy I must give my props to this show. If it was not for E.R. Grey’s would not exist. E.R. ran for an impressive 15 seasons, which shows just how much people loved it.

Beverly Hills 90210- The original zip code; another successive 90s show. We need all ten seasons to binge watch and obsess over Brendan’s hair and Kelly’s 90s fabulous clothes. The remake simply could not compare to this show. The characters dealt with real relatable problems and they were all better actors.
Boys Meet World- Another funny laugh out loud show. Boys Meets World was funny even when it did not intend to be funny.

Fresh Prince of Bell Air- Everyone could use some Uncle Phil’s wisdom in their lives. Also, it should be against the law not being able to watch Carlton Banks do his famous dance.

Full House- Why am I not obsessing over Jesse’s hair, awwing when Michelle says, “You got it dude” and when Stephanie says, “How rude!” C’mon Netflix get it together and add this show now!