Tie- Dye Shirt Day

Junelly Gonzalez

Benedictine University’s Programming Board hosted their bi-annual Tie-Dye Shirt Day on Thursday, September 18th, in the Quad area.

This event is used to celebrate Homecoming week and to excite students for Homecoming dance and the homecoming football game.

Students anxiously waited outside in line for the opportunity to add some spunk and jazz to their free homecoming shirts. Yes that’s right, it is free for all Benedictine students. Although the wait can be long, students took a positive approach to the situation. Multiple students mentioned that since the weather was beautiful that day, the event offered a great time to bond and hangout with some friends and get a cool spunky shirt while doing it. The shirts could be colored in whichever color and pattern they prefered.

“The Tie-Dye Shirt Day is our most popular event,” expressed programing board member, Katie Miller.

Some students mentioned they prefer to decorate their shirts with the Benedictine University official colors. Others loved to match their shirts with their best friends’ or boyfriend’s shirt; and some stated they love to mix as many color as possible into the shirt.

Although the line is long, everyone laughed and smiled as they waited for the tie-dying fun to start. The line extended from the front of Krasa to the sidewalk of quad area. The programming board started off with 300-500 shirts and ended up with zero.

“We definitely want to continue the tradition because it’s one of the most popular events we host all year. That’s why we do it two times a year,” said Miller.

Due to its popularity, the Tie-Dye Shirt day is also hosted during Spring Fest week during second semester. For Homecoming week, the Programming Board also hosted the Homecoming dance, which was September 20, and Karaoke Night, which was September 21.