Spotlight On BU Campus Police

by Karly Sacco

Photo Credit: Karly Sacco

Photo Credit: Karly Sacco

Benedictine University Police were interviewed by channel 17-news on September 17 about how their services continue to provide safety to their community.

The news station highlighted Chief of Police at Benedictine University, Michael Salatino, on his and the Benedictine University campus police’s accomplishments.

“It has been 43 years since I have been in the service, said Chief of Police Michael Salatino, and I have been a member of the Benedictine University police administration since we started back in 2006.”

Benedictine University is one of the few colleges to have there own campus police.

“Our community is one of five or six private universities to have their own police department, however being a campus police department there is a limit to what we can take care of in the area so the Lisle police back us up a lot of the time.” said Salatino.

There are times when Benedictine police need to contact local police for extra help.

“We even call 911 just like anyone else around here if we need them to come to a scene,” said Salatino.

The universities’ police department is made up of an experienced team of officials.

“There are 14 officers that all have a lot of skills and talents, which makes us one of the most effective police offices in the district,” said Salatino.

The entire Benedictine University has a few main objections that they take into consideration on a day-to-day basis when protecting their community.

“Our community should not give up their right of protection if they come on our property. We owe them an extra level or protection,” said Salatino.

Campus police want to spread the message of awareness to the students of Benedictine University.

“We focus on awareness and safety when it comes to our students so we can prepare them for any type of situation they encounter on campus,” said Salatino.

With making their community feel safe, the police department has been recognized by the people they have been protecting.

“Our peers have a lot of confidence in us and believe in us, so that really does motivate us to work hard now and in the future,” said Salatino.

Emergency Preparedness Manager and Safety Specialist, Michi Dubes, works closely with the university police and emergency response team to also help keep Benedictine University a safe place.

“My main job is to plan for things that you don’t want to happen,” said Dubes.

The emergency response team prepares for any type of situation to occur on campus.

“One of the main drills we go over, which is unfortunate that we have to, but because of all of the school shootings you hear about on the news we have an active shooter training that we go over,” said Dubes.

There are ways Dubes lets the community know when and if something important will take place.

“We use Ben Alert to contact all students and faculty when things such as when we have a closed campus occurs, or when any important information like that needs to get released,” said Dubes.

The Benedictine University wants to make sure that the people that come into their community are safe.

“There are many bad people that want to do bad things,” said Dubes.

The Benedictine University campus police and the emergency response team, work together to keep everyone safe.

“We are our first responders, and it our job first to keep our community safe,” expressed Salatino.