Mission IMPROVable Brings the Funny to BenU

Tatanisha Wooley

Homecoming at Benedictine University is being celebrated this week. Each day, Programming Board has hosted a different event leading up to Friday’s Homecoming Dance located at Harry Carey’s in Lombard.

The main event on Tuesday was a comedy group Mission IMPROVable. The event was hosted in the Coal Ben building at Benedictine University. The group comprised of members Matt Garard, Sherman Edwards, David Sill, and Michael Keeney.

Mission IMPROVable is an interactive comedy team that uses audience member’s suggestions to create new and original material. Mission IMPROVable is a fast-paced and new element to comedy.
It is a combination of MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” and “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”
However, there is a twist. The guys of Mission IMPROV like to refer to themselves as Agents. They get the idea for the old TV series, “Mission Impossible.” MI is a regular at colleges across the country.

Everyone in the audience is known as their co-agents and they help by participating in the hilarious games, or “missions,” by yelling out suggestions that the guys can use. Since the suggestions are all audience based, it makes the games different and unique each time.

The members of the comedy group get their ideas from multiple sources.

Edwards expressed, “Everything from TV, movies, and IMPROV games.”

Romeo and Juliet was one of the skit that was performed. This was involved the agents playing Romeo and Juliet in modern times and in the Shakespearean times.

Another skit involved using audience member’s initials of their name. One agent went around using three people’s initials and the other three had to come up with movie titles using the person’s initials.
Some of the missions involved audience members actually participating in the missions. One of the missions involved one of the agents having to step away. They were accused of a crime and the audience members had to shout out suggestions for what crime was committed and how it was committed.

“Being relatable and trying not to be funny is the secret for telling everyday jokes.” Garald said.

MI knows that being relatable is the key to telling successful jokes.

“Yes, they were freaking hilarious. I definitely would want them to come back,” expressed Junior at Benedictine, Beth Dominquez. “We found the group through Talent Agency and it workout. We wanted to have more audience interaction and give the students exactly what they wanted,” said President of Programming Board, Katie Miller.

MI brought the funny and kept everyone laughing all night long.