First Date Etiquettes: How to Get a Second Date

By Tatanisha Wooley

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Everyone has been on dates; while some have successfullymanaged to get to a second date. Others have struckouton the first date because of common little mistakes. If the first date ended on a bad note, no problem, I can give you the do’s and don’ts on what to do on the first date. Following these rules will increase your chances at having a second date.

Do: Maintain your information boundaries. Even though your long-term goal may be to establish a “we,” you must remember you are still an “I.” Do not be an open book and spill out your life story. Your date wants to hear all the good things about you. Save all the bad stuff for the third date.

Do: Be authentic and real. You are asking for honesty from your date, to which you should offer the same. This does not, however, mean you must share your darkest secrets. Dates should be lighthearted and funny. They should end on a good note.

Do: DO bring dental supplies with you. This could mean like mints, gum, spray, or floss. Most first dates are a dinner and nothing is a turn-off quite like having a piece of meat stuck in between your teeth.  Mints help with the after dinner breathe.

Do: Smile at the joke your date is telling. Even if you do not find the particular joke funny, laughing will make your date feel better.  Not everyone can be funny but at least it will ease tension if a date is going well.

Do: Make eye contact. This will show you are paying attention and care about the date. It will also heighten the level attractiveness between the two of you.

Don’t: Talk about your ex (es).  Talking about exes can make it seem like you’re still interested in them.  Your date wants you to talk about them and not about your past relationships. Exes involve the past and you are trying to build a future with someone else.

Don’t: Mention your finances. Knowing that your date makes more than you can make things turn sour. It is ok to mention your career, but just leave the money aspect of it out.

Don’t: Talk about how miserable and lonely you are. That is a huge turn-off and you also run the risk of appearing “desperate” or “looking for a relationship for the wrong reasons.” If you are on a date obviously you are lonely but your date does not need to know.

Don’t: Don’t talk about the following topics: religion and politics. Save this for when you know that person better. This person could be your dream person, but if you have conflicting religious views or different politically views it can get ugly on the first date.

Don’t: DON’T go somewhere overflowing with eye candy. Your focus should be on your date and not on the other attractive people. This goes back to the maintaining eye contact.