All Voices Must be Heard

Sara Haque
Editor in Chief

Ray Rice has become a household name overnight. From a NFL hero, to suspended football player, Rice’s acts of domestic violence have caused an uproar around the world. When TMZ released the raw surveillance footage of Rice physically battering his wife in an elevator to the point her body was dragged out, the hopes of keeping this act on the hush, was declined. The outrage amongst society upon Rice has reached a point of dropped sponsors, long lines of customers wishing to return his jersey as well as worldwide news coverage.
Let’s take a step back. Before the video was released, what did we, as a society do to give a common understanding that domestic violence, or any violence rather, is completely immoral? Of course there are organizations, and awareness to prevent and help those who are victims, yet there are cases such as Rice’s happening every day. Rather than trying to console men or abusers through treatment, we must create a basic foundation of how women should be treated. The excuse behind Rice’s actions is that since football is a physical sport, he doesn’t know how to control his anger. Sure, anger is a serious issue that should be treated promptly, not after a violent act is committed.

Girls are brought up to constantly keep safe in case of violent acts. Whether it is, not walking alone at night, or being encouraged to keep pepper spray in their purses. Why must society prepare girls to be victimized instead of actually teaching young men that attacking females is wrong? Young girls are brainwashed to believe that being a princess is the ultimate goal of happiness, and being a damsel in distress, waiting for Prince Charming to save her is the ultimate fairytale. Though nothing wrong with wanted to live a royal life, why can’t we as society encourage girls to be strong, independent and successful? Why can’t we encourage girls to be ambitious, driven and aim for power to change the world rather than dreaming of a royal wedding? This passive attitude that is encourage by consumerism for young girls is the reason why men think it is okay to manipulate women into thinking they deserve to be treated with disrespect. Using love and the fairytale aspect to lure them in. With the ample amount of outlets such as television, the Internet and ads in general, gives more of space for women to be judged and treated poorly.

Females need to become strong. They should not be afraid to speak their mind and aim to be successful. They don’t need to be afraid of someone telling them they can’t do something just because they are female. Attend self-defense classes, learn your rights, and realize there is nothing stopping us. We are all equal, and deserve to think and be treated as equals. Situations like Rice’s should not scare women, but rather, make us come together with no gender barriers to know that there are people who support those who are victimized. We must make a difference to prevent any more cases like this, worldwide.

If you or anyone you know is being affected or victimized by domestic violence, campus police is available 24/7, and the 24/7 domestic violence hotline: 1-877-863-6338

There is always an option to get help. Please do not stay quiet, all voices must be heard.